Program or be Programmed

At the Marin Coding Club, you learn how to produce, rather than consume. It's an intellectually safe place to hack... Scala, Java, Python, Django, Javascript, Node.js, Go, HTML, CSS, C, C++, C#, Swift, Scratch, Unity, leading frameworks, dev ops best practices, User Interface best practices, Design Thinking, and more. Our scope is anything software driven (and that includes robotics!).


Pipeline of Projects

The Marin Coding Club is a project based learning platform powered by our members and sponsors. Members work in teams or alone on what interests them most. Our coders range in proficiency and they get help from each other and club mentors. Below are some of the projects in our pipeline.

Build a Calculator in Three

Implement a calculator using three different core technologies (e.g. Python/Django, Javascript, and Scratch). This helps you to gain an understanding of how different technologies are suited to different jobs.

Create your own language

You'll consider computer langage design principles, and become familiar with compiler design basics. Build a simple langage to satisfy use cases that you care about.

Build a Game

Design your own game, choose the delivery platform, and make it so.

Mobile Apps for Good

Build an app that helps your school, community, or anyone that you know.

Make a robot

Using MOSS, EV3, or just arduino and spare parts, build a robot that does something interesting, and even mildly useful!

Create a Weather Station

Configure the intruments and hardware to sample weather data, code a backend to process it, and a UI to render analytics.

Mod Minecraft

We discourage gameplay during club sessions. However, we encourage hacking and modding any game that can be (legally) hacked.:)

Contribute to Open Source Project

Contribute an enhancement or a fix to an existing major open source project.

White Hat Hacking

We provide you with secure environments, and you find ways to hack into them.

Photo Wall

Build an app that takes photos from an S3 file system, and creates a photowall on a large screen television.



Our members range in age from 10 - 18. We strive to keep an equal mix between male and female. Most of our members are from Marin, but we have members coming from Palo Alto, and mentors patching in from other parts of the country. Our members love to learn and are self motivated, but don't mind getting a little nudge, and help, from their friends and mentors from time to time.


We engage via weekly sessions at our Clubhouse, and throughout the week online. About every three months we have a hackathon, each with some central theme (use case, technology, methodology).


There are many great resources in the Bay Area. We partner with the Codemakers Club by encouraging our members to go to take advantage of their workshops, we have members from the Mill Valley Coders Club, and we leverage resources from the San Rafael Computer Clubhouse. We're open to any partnerships that help our members, or other clubs, build great things. Sign up for the winter session of our partner, the Codemaker's Club here